The Official Jewelcollect Membership Brooch Pin

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The official Jewelcollect Membership Brooch Pin is available to Members of Jewelcollect. It is understood that it will only be worn by Jewelcollect Members, and not sold to anyone.

The Purpose:

It is the sincere hope of the Jewelcollect Owner-Administrator that the display of this brooch will assist in recognition and networking among members.

Any Jewelcollect Member wearing the Jewelcollect Brooch Pin should feel free to approach another Jewelcollect Member and anticipate a friendly reception.

Although not a requirement, it is recommended that other identifying information also be exchanged among members before proceeding to networking and/or transactions.

The Jewelcollect Brooch:

Choice of Two Versions: Antiqued gold-plated brooch with silver finish letters, or antiqued silver-plated brooch with gold finish letters. Small pronged rhinestone at top center. 2 1/2" wide x 1 1/4" high. (Click on image for 35KB enlargement.)

Signed Jewelcollect 1997, designed and executed by Tomas Elefsiades, and signed by him.

Tomas Elefsiades is a young Rhode Island jewelry designer who operates a jewelry design shop with his family.

Back of Brooch: Pin safety closure with "ears". To open, move safety UP to open position, then press DOWN on pin stem first and push out. This is a safety measure. In case the safety catch is not engaged, the pin cannot slide out accidentally. (Click on image for 15KB enlargement.)

#94 alloy used: brass, copper, tin and antimony, no lead. Hardest alloy employed in the industry, it permitted soldering of pin attachment as shown. Inexpensive casts are usually made from #5-10 alloys which is why they need riveted pinbacks as such soft alloys will not permit soldering. Sturdy cast should not bend or break when handled, f.ex. when attaching pin to dense fabrics such as denim, canvas, etc. Fully guaranteed, and cheerfully exchanged should mishap occur.

Price: US$24.00, includes postage to your destination. As the pin is quite heavy in itself, no further discounts are possible even if multiple pins are shipped to the same destination. Please indicate preference for gold or silver plating when ordering. Orders may be emailed to Jewelcollect Owner-Administrator for confirmation, payment method and shipping information.

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