Jewelcollect Organization: "JC" Disclaimer

Jewelcollect email discussion list for collectors of costume jewelry is on the Web since 1995. The letters JC are often used by Jewelcollect member subscribers to identify each other on sites and in advertising and promotion.

Other websites are also using these letters which may stand for Jesus Christ, and many other entity names which use JC for acronym. When you see JC somewhere on the Web, it may or may not stand for Jewelcollect although often it does.

Jewelcollect Organization, now with several Bulletin Boards and other official forums, does not have a monopoly on the use of the acronym or abbreviation JC, nor does any other organization on the Net or elsewhere.

If you see JC somewhere, do not automatically assume that it stands for Jewelcollect; it may not.

Jewelcollect Organization is not affiliated with any other entity using the acronym JC except the following official forums:

Jewelcollect Organization
Jewelcollect Bulletin Boards on TIAS - 4 Forums
Jewelcollect Email List

Jewelcollect Organization has only one home web address: Jewelcollect Organization has, however, a mirrored links page on Liz Collectible Jewelry, which site is owned by Jewelcollect Organization Owner-Administrator.

Liz Bryman, Owner-Administrator
Jewelcollect Organization