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The Amber Book [Dahlstrom & Brost]
From a published review, .. book on amber contains details of amber's formation, geographical locations, history, folklore, identification and present-day importance in jewelry. Although small in size and number of pages, this book is packed full of useful and fascinating information about amber and its past. Hardcover.

Bakelite Bangle: Price and Identification Guide
A newer, very detailed and comprehensive work on one specialty only, bakelite bangles, it covers names of specific colors and their variations, differences in carving, thicknesses, collectable quality, and more. Tests, care and price evaluation chapters are of special interest to serious collectors investing in this hot collectible. Author Karima Parry is a Member of Jewelcollect. Large paperback with glorious top quality photos throughout.

The Bakelite Collection [by Matthew L. Burkholz, John Hylton (Photographer)]
From a published review, ... describes the many differing collecting preferences of some of the nation's most prolific appreciators of fine Bakelite jewelry. People from all walks of life alike have fallen prey to Bakelite fever. The Bakelite Collection showcases some of the best of their fantastic jewelry in full color. Also price guide. Hardcover. Author Matthew L. Burkholz is a Member of Jewelcollect.

Bakelite Jewelry : Good, Better, Best
An eagerly awaited identification and price guide with graded evaluations. If seriously collecting bakelite jewelry this book is a must. Hardcover.

The Bakelite Jewelry Book
This older book does not have the latest price guide but for historical and identification value, it is still worth owning as it shows the older bakelite jewelry which started the current vogue. Hardcover.

The Best of Bakelite and Other Plastic Jewelry
With artfully arranged jewelry in full color on almost every page, it is a bakelite collector's delight. Although values listed in it are rather far-ranging, this book is a worthwhile investment for both information and beauty. Hardcover.

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