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20th Century Costume Jewelry: 1900 - 1980 Identification & Value Guide
An excellent value guide for beginners by Ronna Lee Aikins.

A Collector's Guide to Costume Jewelry : Key Styles and How to Recognize Them
One of the better handy take-with books for collectors, it is easy to read, and values are not over-inflated. Many styles not seen elsewhere are featured. Easy price, too, published in 1997. Paperback.

Answers to Questions About Old Jewelry, 1840-1950, 5th Ed. [Bell]
From a published review, .. another update of 1996 work. A 100 years of collectible American and English jewelry, in three main sections, When Was It Made and What Is It Worth?, 100 Years of Cameos, and Manufacturing Techniques. six chapters covers a specific period, historical information introduces each withe date, description, and value of each. 1700 photographs, some in color. Prices from an auction houses, collectors, or dealers, with the source listed. Appendix with how to date jewelry, identify metals, authenticate pieces, and identify designer and trademarks. Table of contents is detailed but no index. For serious jewelry collectors and casual hobbyists. .. Paperback.

Art Nouveau and Art Deco Jewelry : An Identification and Value Guide
Lillian Baker's older value guide is still an excellent identification of many styles not shown in other books. Emphasis on the rarer styles. Intermediate collectors should appreciate this book. Paperback.

Avon Collectible Fashion Jewelry and Awards: Collectible Fashion Jewelry and Awards
Avon products include a long line of fashion jewelry, many early styles are rare and collectible. Look them up here and find out what you have. Published in 1998. Authors Monica Lynn Clements and Patricia Rosser are Members of Jewelcollect. Paperback.

The Bakelite Collection [by Matthew L. Burkholz, John Hylton (Photographer)]
From a published review, ... describes the many differing collecting preferences of some of the nation's most prolific appreciators of fine Bakelite jewelry. People from all walks of life alike have fallen prey to Bakelite fever. The Bakelite Collection showcases some of the best of their fantastic jewelry in full color. Also price guide. Hardcover. Author Matthew L. Burkholz is a Member of Jewelcollect.

Cameos: Classical to Costume
Probably the only book that covers cameos in total depth. History, time line, and hundreds of very fine photographs of all types of cameos from very fine antique examples to modern plastic. Value ranges under each photo. A must-own for the cameo collector. Authors Monica Lynn Clements and Patricia Rosser Clements are Members of Jewelcollect. Hardcover.

Charms and Charm Bracelets: The Complete Guide
by Joan Munkacsi (Contributor), Robert N. Schwartz (Photographer), Joanne Schwartz (Author)
History or charms defined by decade, well organized.300 color photos of charms, bracelets, ads. Marks list with pictures and details. Probably the most comprehensive and user-friendly book on charms published to date. Hardcover.

Collectible Costume Jewelry : Identification & Values [Cherry Simonds]
Cherri Simonds is a young collector who published this book in 1997 for new collectors especially. Glorious photographs from her own and other collections, sensible value ranges, marks identifications and history behind the marks where available. A great value for the money. Author Cherri Simonds is a Member of Jewelcollect. Hardcover.

Collectible Costume Jewelry: ID and Value Guide [Henzel]
This book's first edition has long been out of print but here is the new edition, published in 1997 by this respected author. Recommended for new collectors at an easy price, too. Paperback.

Collecting Rhinestone & Colored Jewelry
The 3rd edition of this well known and respected book, it is a must-have for all beginner collectors. Previous editions are out-of-print, but this is still available without waiting. Many color photographs, value identifications. Paperback.

Collectors Encyclopedia of Hairwork Jewelry : Identification & Values
Published August 1998. No published reviews available. Hardcover

Complete Price Guide to Antique Jewelry [Gilbert]
For collectors of costume jewelry, this book may still be of interest as many also collect precious antique jewelry. Even if not actively collecting, it's always interesting to study and recognize precious collectible jewelry from the rare to the mundane as categorized in this fine book, another good gift idea to the collector who already has many books. Hardcover.

Coro Jewelry: A Collector's Guide--Identification & Values by Marcia Brown
Marcia Brown, author of Unsigned Beauties of Costume Jewelry, has done it again. This long-awaited guide on Coro Jewelry is now available, with values applicable to current markets. 600 color photos with identification and values. Ads from 1943 to 1961, illustrations of the Canadian, English, and American manufacturing and sales venues. The main marks Coro, Corocraft, Vendome, Francois, Mylu, and even its Mexico production are covered in separate chapters plus bios and photos of influential company leaders. Even Coro's legal entanglements and rise from humble beginnings to the world's largest costume jewelry producer are included in this comprehensive but easy-read work. Reasonably priced, no collector of Coro should be without it. Hardcover.

Costume Jewelers: The Golden Age of Design [Dubbs Ball]
This book is among the most ambitious for famous name coverage. The author has included a chapter or mention of near 60 designer or manufacturer marks. Glorious color photographs and value guide in back of the book. Helpful hints on names to look for and a chapter on the manufacturers at work. A very worthwhile book to own, and a great gift to any collector. May 2000 ed. Hardcover.

Costume Jewelry: A Practical Handbook & Value Guide [Rezazadeh]
Fred Rezazadeh and his wife collected everything including fashion jewelry for many years. Fred published this book in 1997 because he felt that many other value guides were not accurately reflective of current market prices. His values are more conservative than other value guides. Covers many marks and manufacturers in good, better, best order. Recommended for beginner and intermediate collectors and for dealers, too. Hardcover.

Costume Jewelry Identification and Price Guide: The Confident Collector [Harrice Miller]
A no-nonsense portable guide book to collecting fashion jewelry, with value ranges and designer and marks identifications. Author Harrice Simons Miller is a Member of Jewelcollect. Paperback.

Diamond Ring Buying Guide
A no nonsense guide on what to look for when buying that important diamond ring. Colors, clarity, cut, and price ranges covered. An important book for first-time buyers.

Do It Yourself Guide to Jewelery Identification [Jordan]
From a publ. review, .. do it yourself guide to identify jewelry of all types from 1800 to today. Includes all metals used in jewelry, stones including organics like pearls, coral, tortise shell, jet, Etc. Also How to Locate a Honest Jeweler, What am Appraisal Should Include, How to Store and Care for Your Jewelry. Identification methods recommended for proper evaluation of stones and metals in jewelry are currently used and recognized by The Gemology Institute of America and Jewelers Institute of America. This book is getting rarer and rarer to find which accounts for its high price. Paperback.

How to Be a Jewelry Detective
Definitely a great beginner collector or dealer how-to book. Secrets on how to find the best buy and buying them by renowned author Jeanenne Bell, a must if just starting collecting.

Jewelry & Gems: The Buying Guide [Matlins]
Subtitled How to Buy Diamonds, Pearls, Colored Gemstones, Gold & Jewelry with Confidence and Knowledge. A most comprehensive buying guide for anyone but especially first-time buyers. It's so good even honest diamond dealers like it as it presents the market in a true light, see the reviews. If you don't own any other book on how to buy fine gems, start with this one. Paperback.

Miriam Haskell Jewelry (Schiffer Book for Collectors):
Lovingly written by by Cathy Gordon, Sheila Pamfiloff, members of Jewelcollect, this excellent and beautiful book is a must for all collectors, especially those who cannot find enough up-to-date information on the elusive Miriam Haskell. Photos never seen before from private collections, value guide and seldom available tips on how to recognize Haskell jewelry makes it a book not to be missed. Get it before it goes out of print. Hardcover.

One Hundred Years of Collectible Jewelry : 1850-1950 [Baker]
Although this book was published in 1981, and the values given have changed much since, it is worth owning for its excellent identifications and good photographs. Paperback.

The Pearl Book [Matlins]
What to look for when buying cultured and natural pearls explained in easy terms with practical advice for anyone but especially beginners. 2nd ed. Feb. 2000. Paperback.

Popular Jewelry of the 60s, 70s, & 80s [Ettinger]
Sometimes hard to find details on, Ettinger lists jewelry from the latter part of the 20th century. Very worthwhile for identification of many lesser known styles and marks. Paperback.

Sarah Coventry Jewelry: An Unauthorized Guide for Collectors
This newer book on Sarah Coventry recounts this illustrious mark's early history as one of the first to be sold exclusively at home parties and not in stores, from the 1950s through the 1980s. An emerging collectible mark, the limited production socalled hostess sets are especially prized. Value guide and lots of photographs. The authors are Members of Jewelcollect. Paperback.

Signed Beauties of Costume Jewelry: Identification & Values (Signed Beauties of Costume Jewelry)
by Marcia Sparkles Brown
This book spans all the familiar names from Emmons, Sarah Coventry,Judy Lee, Avon with Elizabeth Kenneth Lane and Elizabeth Taylor special designs to the big companies Monet, Napier, BSK, Art, Marvella, and smaller companies Gerry, Park Lane, B. David, Cathe, Dodds, La Roco, JJ, Les Bernard, Lisner, and Celebrity. Sensible evaluation ranges for the time it was published, subject to adjustment up and down as the market changes of course. Hardcover

Unsigned Beauties of Costume Jewelry: Identification and Values [Marcia Brown]
The author is probably one of the biggest collectors in the world of unsigned jewelry, meaning non-attributed to any designer. Chiefly concentrating on rhinestone jewelry of very high caliber, Marcia Brown has painstakingly put together her enormous and fabulous collection for over 30 years. All color photos by category of jewelry with value guide under each photo. A very worthwhile investment for rhinestone jewelry collectors at a very good price. Author Marcia Brown is a Member of Jewelcollect. Hardcover.

Vintage Jewelry for Investment and Casual Wear
This new book by Karen Edeen promises values on vintage jewelry. Publishing date October 2001. Hardcover.

Warman's Jewelry : A Fully Illustrated Price Guide to 19th and 20th Century Jewelry, Including Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Costume (2nd Ed)
1998 edition is more comprehensive than the earlier edition. It is organized for looking up specific jewelry starting with Early Victorian through Post-War Modern, with discoveries, inventions catalogued by year. A highly researched book, with sensible value ranges. Recommended for all levels to expert. Author-editor Christie Romero is a Member of Jewelcollect.Paperback.

What's Your Best Price? [Purnie]
From a published review, .. about the antique business by a jewelry and antique dealer about the games and dealings in the antique business. Illustrated, humorous with revealing tips. Paperback.

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