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Beads : An Exploration of Bead Traditions Around the World
A trip around the world of beads from many countries both educational and useful. Projects included but worth it for the history it represents. Hardcopy suitable for gift giving.

The Bead Jewelry Book
This London, England, bead shop owner has thoroughly researched exotic beads, presents them in paperback and includes color photos with beading techniques explained. Paperback.

Collectible Beads : A Universal Aesthetic
Reviewers say this is a book for very advanced bead collectors. Deep research, museum quality beads, stunning photowork. A perfect 'coffee table' book or gift idea. Hardcopy.

Glass in Jewelry : Hidden Artistry in Glass
This author ranks probably ranks as the ultimate authority on glass in jewelry, from faceted beads to rhinestones. Glass in jewelry has never had more exhaustive information in one place; answers questions you never thought to ask. Good, better, best advice on evaluation of crystal and beads. Recommended for the serious collector of crystal beads especially. Newest edition published in 1998.

The History of Beads From 30,000 B.C. to the Present
The definitive book on beads, their history, with lots of illustrations. This is the paperback, the hardcover is now out of print.
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