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Antique Collectible Jewelry Video Ser (1994) [Jeanenne C. Bell]
From a publ. review by Lucille Tempesta, publisher-owner of Vintage Fashion & Costume Jewelry Newsletter Club, the oldest and largest international costume jewelry collector club in the world, .. Volume 1 of the video series Victorian Jewelry presents a full hour and a half of jewelry circa 1837 to 1901. Cameos, mosaics, hairwork jewelry, coral, lockets and much more, in full color. Clues to look for to accurately date old jewelry as Bell shows how clasps and hinges evolved. Discussion about hallmarks, tips on circa date of old watches. Ms. Bell advises how to distinguish between materials often confused such as jet, bog oak, and gutta percha. Includes historical photographs, tintypes, daguerreotypes with people wearing jewelry and fashions of the period, accompanied by Chopin selections, and fashion plates from Godey’s magazine and Peterson’s. .. Ms. Tempesta is a Member of Jewelcollect.

Hidden Treasures - Affordable Signed Costume Jewelry [Marcia Brown]
Hidden Treasures - Signed Costume Jewelry (Vol. 1) [Marcia Brown]
Hidden Treasures - Signed Costume Jewelry (Vol. 2) [Marcia Brown]
Hidden Treasures - Signed Costume Jewelry (Vol. 3) [Marcia Brown]
Hidden Treasures - Signed Costume Jewelry (Vol. 4) [Marcia Brown]
Hidden Treasures - Signed Costume Jewelry (Vol. 5) [Marcia Brown]
From a publ. review, .. from the producers of Hidden Treasures: A Collectors Guide to Antique and Vintage Jewelry comes another beautifully photographed series, available in six individual cassettes. Host Marcia Brown, jewelry historian, instructor and collector, shares the wonderful history and jewelry designs of more of the leading manufacturers and designers from AJC, Avon, Celebrity, Dodds, Emmons, Gerry, JJ, Judy-Lee, Lisner, Marvella, Monet, Mylu, Parklane, Tancer & II, Sarah Coventry, and Austrian jewelry with a visual price guide. Producer Leigh Leshner is a Member of Jewelcollect. VHS Video, NTSC format.

Hidden Treasures : Guide to Antique Jewelry (1995) [Christie Romero]
Noted jewelry historian and well known expert author and lecturer Christie Romero hosted this first issue of Hidden Treasures. Well worth owning for the important identifications and little known facts Ms. Romero highlights. From the same producers as the Hidden Treasure video series with Marcia Brown. Ms. Romero is also a Member of Jewelcollect.

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